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This is a 2ply 100% alpaca yarn cardigan that fits right. A casual look that feels comfortable-awesome! It can be worn straight down or fold in the waistband so that pockets remain flat.  Enjoy your man in this handsome looking sweater.


No availability on brown and navy blue XXL all other sizes available.

Men's Cardigan Saddleback Shoulders

SKU: MSZ-8016
  • We want you to be completely satisfied and able to truly enjoy  our quality garments.

    1- If your size is different than the chart, we can tailored most sweaters to your size. Let us know.

    2-We can put zippers in most sweaters upon your request

    3-Last, we can also lined certain parts of the sweater were you most feel sensitive.  

    There is a charge of $20 per item request.

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